Everybody is a Leader!: Part 2



In June 2017 I met a Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Young African leader in South Africa who spoke in a musical motivational session on a subject called change. In his speech he mentioned the following:

“For a longtime I was waiting for the economy to change but it didn’t change as per my expectation, i was waiting for those i regarded as leaders to bring change but they didn’t as per my expectation, i also thought my lecturers would bring change but they didn’t until i realized that i have to change for change to come. If you want to see change in and around your life, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE!”

As shared in the first blog Post, everyone is a leader but it will take one to know that they are a leader. In most cases as human beings we are somehow wired to complain, criticize and despise other people’s efforts yet we are not doing anything ourselves. Most often, we are quick to slay (kill/criticize/downgrade/discredit) before we can even understand the root cause of the present circumstances. Instead of Slaying first, we need to Pray before slay meaning that we lend a helping hand (metaphorically and literally) before we can bad mouth other leaders. In the long run we will have “less” problems than solutions all because of team efforts. Continue reading

Everyone is a Leader!: Part 1

Everyone is a leader pic

Most often than not as human beings we tend to see the leadership abilities in others and we fail to see one most important, influential, powerful and generational leader that is in ourselves. I wonder what kind of thought is so powerful to the extent of hindering our sight from seeing ‘The’ one leader that will play an important role into your success and/or failure. My leadership philosophy is that “Everyone is a leader, it just take one to know that they are”, this is very true and only 100% subjective to the person reading this piece right now. It is without and beyond reasonable doubt that “there is only one primary hindrance to your success, ie Self! All other reasons are just supporting factors”.

My Leadership story

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“The Sky is The Limit”… Serious Food for thought!

In life there are sayings that sound so good to utter but aren’t necessarily the standard for life. Most of these statements are so psychological to the extent that they won’t work until and unless you believe in them. At times what’s important is your belief system following the mention of these sayings. I for one don’t believe in the statement above mainly because my worldview is that we are never limited by the “sky” but by the magnitude of our foresight/vision and passions. What matters for me is what I see myself becoming and the more I meditate, focus, work on what I see and believe there is no sky that can limit me. Earlier I shared about one’s attitude when facing Crisis times and I went on to quote Nelson Mandela who said “It always seems impossible until its done”. 

If Strive Masiyiwa allowed the sky to limit him we wouldn’t have Econet wireless, Ecocash and Kwese tv in Zimbabwe and across Africa today. If Steve Jobs allowed the sky to limit him we wouldn’t have Apple products today. If Bill Gates allowed the Sky to limit him we wouldn’t have Microsoft today. So tell me my friend, why should we allow the sky to be the limit in our case? In us lies infinite potential and ability to change the world and we can’t allow the sky to limit us. After all; the God who created the sky leaves gave us amazing ability to see beyond the obvious sky but only upto us to decide the magnitude of limitations. Definitely the creator can’t be limited by his own creation. 

Dare to challenge your challenges in this year and better still in the years of your life. See beyond obvious and put action to your plans/goals/visions because NOTHING is too hard for the Lord and the Sky is not the Limit but your Vision is! “Vision is like an elastic band, the more you stretch your imagination the further you are able to reach in your vision” 





…Charity begins at Home…

In my teenage years one of my church leaders in Impact (Youths aged 13-21years old) used to say “the obedient person we see here at church should be the same we find or hear of from their home”. I never liked that statement because it was the true opposite in my case. Many people live their lives on double standards especially when it comes to their personality at home, church and/or work. You find that an individual is very well mannered outside their home (that is at church/work/relatives’ home) and when given a task they perform it better any other person under the same roof/surrounding. When you look at them run around you get inspired and you aspire to do just like them because in them you would have seen a perfect example of what a good/obedient/well-mannered leaders should be like. It’s a pity when you follow up their lives when you find that they evolve and go rogue, become a total opposite of what you knew. If you ever want to know anyone, ask the people who they stay with and if you are unfortunate you will be shocked at the differences you will discover. Contrary to the inspiring person “you know”, you might find out that at their home they are the laziest, ‘stubbornest’, most arrogant, not so hygienic (etc) person that ever lived and that’s not motivating inspirational at all.

Today I challenge foall of us to let go of the Chameleon character in 2018. Before I can make myself useful outside my home I should be more than useful inside my own home. It is very good to add flavor to outsiders at any given point but may it start from the insiders that are closest to you. The bible even asks “If anyone doesn’t know how to take care of his own family, how can they take care of God’s church” (1Tim3:5). I personally find it embarrassing to be well spoken of in: 

⁃ Another family but not my own 

⁃ My church but not my home 

⁃ Another church/Christian organization but not my own church 

⁃ My workplace but not my home. 

I challenge you all friends/brothers/sisters/wives/husbands/parents to start by being an asset in their own immediate homes (or churches). If we cannot be a blessing and an Asset at home then the future is bleak and filled with hypocritical leaders. Whatever you consider as home, I encourage you to work at your best to be a BLESSING there before you can MESMERIZE us with your “best behavior”. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME! 

#IntentionalLiving #charitybeginsathome #genuinness 


…Defined by your ‘Wardrobe Palate’…

In a normal day we wake-up and make our beds, go brush our teeth and take a hot/cold bath/shower, and the for most go stand in front of the wardrobe trying to figure out the clothes that will suit the lined-up occasion for the day. Some people take just a couple of minutes and they have already figured out what to wear, how to wear it, which colors to mix and which colors to leave behind. For some it’s not an easy task and by the time they leave their room it would be the upside down, as if a cat and a dog were fighting, the whole process is just a roller coaster for them BUT for today the issue isn’t in that. Today the emphasis is on the choice and taste as one is ready to leave the house. Knowing that you chose the best in your wardrobe gives you the boldness to do whatever you need to do at your best.  Continue reading

…Facing personal Goliaths/Giants…

Life as we know it is filled with a lot of Challenges which we are referring to today as Goliaths and we are going to do an introspection on ourselves during/in Crisis times. A simple definition a Personal Goliath is any challenge in your life that seems so difficult to defeat in any way naturally, that one Giant that you struggled with for sometimes. Our differences and diversities in life are a definite guarantee that we will all face different challenges that is why it is important to tackle your own giants without comparing yourself to anyone else hence the saying that goes like “Each man for himself and God for us all”.

When you face your personal Giant in life, do you retreat or you endure till you embrace Victory? Continue reading

…Intentional Living….

One of our responsibilities as leaders is to go back into the community and bring change after we have been changed ourselves throughout the learning process. If in all our success stories we don’t think of the community then we haven’t started walking the talk of leadership for Global transformation. Life is bigger than our own space and surrounding, we are taken out of the darkness to the light so that we can bring the light to everyone else left in the darkness. Continue reading

…Financial Discipline…

Today we tackle an issue that is not only a challenge to mere individuals but even national leaders themselves. The handling of finances is one crucial subject that requires one to be sober no matter who they might be because mismanagement can lead to massive insolvency. In the bible, Paul encourages Timothy on leadership by saying, “A leader (Bishop) must handle his own affairs well… If he is unable to handle his own affairs well, how can he take care of the church of God?” (1 Timothy 3:4-5). This is a very imperative concept to everyone who considers him/herself to be a leader because if a leader is given responsibility that involves handling finances in an organization mismanagement is inevitable. Generally, it is important that we be in control of our own finances because money answers all things (Ecclesiastes 10:19) and if you don’t have any you are most likely to become a slave of those that have it or poverty or failure of some of your projects.

Continue reading

…One step at a time & Finish Strong…

Two days into the New Year & 363 days left! It’s not how you start that matters but how you bring it to a close. Just like in any race it doesn’t matters the endurance exhibited by the athlete, mind you 8 athletes may all have superb endurance but only one wins the gold title. At the end what matters is how the athlete ends the race. One of my favorite stories is about an athlete that was participating in a 5000m race (commonly known as 12 rounds). When the bell rang for the race to start this particular athlete sprinted as fast as he could and for the first 1600m (4 rounds) of the race he was ahead of everyone (to some he was ahead by 1 round). As he was getting into the 5th round he fainted and when he woke up he was inside the first aid tent. He asked the people around, “What happened? Why am I here instead of the track, last time I remember I was number 1?” they replied and said “the race is over sir but you fainted on the 5th round and didn’t finish the race.” Hearing the unfortunate news he looked down in disappointment then he looked up and smiled at them saying, “Anyways I showed them am the best” (in vernacular: kodwa ngibabonise intuthu/zvisinei ndakavashowa).

 Truth be told he really did show them that he had it in him but it was an unnecessary act and he lost because he didn’t finish the race which is what usually happens to some of us when we start on a very strong note but fail to finish strong. A good athlete runs their race combining their endurance with stamina all targeting to win the race or at least beat their own previous or set track record. Every stride he/she takes is made towards finishing first. To finish strong we have to live each day with a result oriented mindset…Consistency! 2018 is a brand new year and brand new chance that has got to end well for all of us. If you believe it, you surely can achieve it!!! 

An authentic thing about this life is that you have to live it rating yourself according to your own standards because if you set your goals based on other people’s lifestyles you are most likely choke to death. It’s very good to get inspiration from those around but at the end of it all go back to asking yourself the questions: “who am I?”, “Where am I coming from and where am I targeting to get to?”, “What are my driving forces?” These questions contribute to taking a ‘step by step’ path into your predetermined destiny. Every goal requires adequate energy that cannot be shared with any other goal otherwise we become AVARAGE in all our goals. In the remaining 364 days we have opportunities to sit down, re-strategize, re-energize, re-structure, and take one step at a time towards our destinies. In as much as we don’t have all the time in the world, we have all the time to prepare adequately and take one step at a time, it’s a paradox. Time management and appropriate planning will come in handy in all these processes.




…New Road & New Rivers…

Each start is symbolic of new energy/passion/strategies and simply a fresh page to consider re-writing the story of your life on new encounters that are yet to be met ahead. The beauty of life is first of all in that there is a God in it who orchestrates all our step whether we know that or not, and secondly in that; every encounter is a surprise and leaves you with a new testimony/experience/success story. A new year in most cases follows such trails. Many of us in life meet circumstances which leave us with the hope that when a new year comes it will correct your all wrongs and leave us that history is not going to repeating itself. For some, a New Year is REALLY a new beginning in that for a whole previous year they will be planning on projects that they want to work on in the New Year ahead, there is wisdom there because it has always been said that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and “prior preparations prevent poor performance”.

 So just in case your 2017 wasn’t upto your expectation, count yourself favored enough to have entered 2018, which is another chance to raise up your expectation in anticipation of great results. 

Question Tag: “What were your life lessons in 2017 and what are you hoping to achieve in 2018 that you either failed to achieve in 2017 or were planning to do in 2018?” Miracles won’t pop up from the sky just because ‘perhaps’ we pray so much about success but after praying we will need to wake up and work on those viable projects and plans in mind. It’s possible to accomplish all our plans only that it’s dependent on how realistic we are. Note that, “busyness doesn’t meant that we are making progress, but only a result orientated individual will make measurable products and progress in life. The honest truth is that we all have equal time to achieve or goals but depending on our planning and discipline, we are all going to produce differently at the end of the year. 

In this New Year, let’s not allow limitations by anything or anyone to rob us of our energy because we all have dreams in life and no one is responsible for their success or failure but us. As this year starts, kick start on a high note, avoid distraction and finish strong. New Years’ experiences are most often personal in the sense that to some it might be starting afresh in a new book, whilst to some it might be a new start in a new chapter in the same book, and to some it’s the start of a new page in the same chapter of the same book, through it all God is Gracious to everyone. Look upto Heaven with greater anticipation for a better years’ experience ahead because our Hope (and Life) is in the Lord, men might continuously and/or potentially fail you but “He (The Lord) won’t fail…” 

NB: “Dreams without GOALS are just mere dreams if (not nightmares)” 

#Ps46v10 “Be still and know”

#Isa43 “New Roads & New Rivers”